Perhaps because CrossFit is a relatively new phenomenon, it is sometimes lumped in with bodybuilding by those who are unfamiliar with the sport and approach to training. Hampton residents interested in CrossFit but who have yet to be initiated may benefit from knowing the differences between the two. Below are a few aspects of the two sports which highlight their fundamental differences.

Activities Involved  Bodybuilding is heavily focused on weight lifting – deadlifts, squats, bench presses,etc. CrossFit training also incorporates lifting, but that is only one small aspect. Cardio, strength training, and endurance are all used in a multitude of different activities that may include running, rowing, and swimming.

Approach to Training  Overall, bodybuilding takes a more systematic, predictable approach. Muscle groups are identified for enhancement and then isolated in subsequent exercises. CrossFit trainees, by contrast, must be prepared for anything. They receive a daily workout from a certified trainer which could include any kind of physically challenging activity that targets strength or endurance in any muscle group. Typically, training is measured in intervals of time as opposed to reps, which is the primary focus of bodybuilders.

Outcome  The major difference between bodybuilding and CrossFit can be seen in the end results. While successful bodybuilders seek aesthetic qualities like muscle development, symmetry, and proportion, CrossFit athletes are after one thing: capability. Through intense and varied training, CrossFitters will certainly enhance their muscles, but more importantly they will be capable of actually using those muscles to perform physically demanding activities.

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