At CrossFit Stimulus, we believe in catering to every aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Sports Massages promote targeted care for your body that can greatly improve the performance of serious athletes. Today, we will discuss why dedicated athletes should implement sports massages into their fitness routine.

How Sports Massages Benefit Athletes

Reduce Recovery Time

A sports massage will be focused on the specific area of your body that you’re utilizing the most in your workouts and competitions, so your muscles will remain loose and pliable. A sports massage will also reduce the stiffness your body endures during recovery.

Improve Endurance

Sports massages will stimulate your muscles and promote flexibility and range of motion, which will in-turn improve your endurance during your tough workout routines.

Help Prevent Injuries

Sports massages will be specifically directed at the parts of your body that are strained during your workouts. Relieving muscle tension and ensuring that your muscles are relaxed will reduce the likelihood of injury from your workouts.

Stabilizes Hormones

Athletes experience an increased amount of hormones that your body produces when you engage in difficult exercise on a regular basis. Cortisol is a stress hormone that most athletes create more of than the average person, and a sports massage can help to stabilize the production of this hormone.

Improves Mood

While exercise releases endorphins that make you happy, when you’re a serious athlete, setbacks and difficult workouts are likely. A sports massage will not only improve your body’s ability to handle the pressure of your workouts, but it will also clear your mind and improve your mood.
Set up your sports massage at CrossFit Stimulus today to start seeing improvements in your body that will be reflected in your workouts.